Use of Head and Shoulders Portraits


Here is an excellent example of the use of simple business portraits on a web site.

Why is it an “execellent example” of a use?  It is for several reasons.

The first reason being that the gallery of portraits has a consistent look to it, they all fit together as a cohesive unit.  I’ve seen so many corporate websites where every portrait in a gallery of people look like they were done by a different photographer.

The second reason is that the portraits were done in a manner that was a very efficient use of the company employee’s time.  I arrived early in the morning and set up a small studio in an open conference room.  Shortly after doing that I met with each individual person and did their portrait. When I was finished I packed up and left the building in time to have lunch.  At no time was I using any one person’s time for more than 10 minutes.  They were able to plan around their meetings to accomplish this.  There was no disruption to the work flow of the company.

The third reason is that this was very economical to do in the bigger picture of things.

I enjoy relationships when I’m happy and my clients are happy in that I have been able to meet their needs and solve problems.


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