Nautica International, an Eleven Year Relationship

What follows are just a few of the images created for Nautica International’s Annual Reports, as well as a few of the ads done for them, and a few examples of numerous works  as used in Nautica’s Merchandising Manuals.

Early on in my career I did not see myself  as a studio photographer.  Rather I saw myself as a location photographer; one who brought studio skills and a natural curiosity to the job done on location.  It was clear to me that I was looking for the experiences in photography that would allow me access behind some of the closed doors of life that were out side of the studio.   I wrongly felt I might be hemmed in by the four walls of a studio.

One aspect of how I see myself and the services I offer is as a problem solver for my clients.   It was 1994 when I was working on Nautica International’s annual report for R.L. Silver Associates in NYC  that I was introduced to Michael Benesch of Nautica International.  Michael needed a flexible way to produce a significant amount of photography in house using the firm’s facilities.  Essentially what he needed to do amounted to studio on location work at the firm’s offices in NYC. That introduction,  and the next eleven years turned out to be for me one of the more memorable relationships of my career.

During those eleven years working with Michael and his trusted staff, I came to realize the personal satisfaction and value of long term client collaborations be they in the studio or not.  It was a wonderful time.  We would go in and camp out in their offices and show rooms in NYC for three or four days each quarter of each year.  While there I and my team would set up what was essentially an on location studio where we would in collaboration with Michael’s team photograph the various fashion collections of the company for their use in merchandising manuals and several ads.

The covers from 1998, 1999, and 2004 used photography from my personal collection.   Photography from 1994 through 2001 was film based.  Starting in 2002 and running through 2005 all photography was done digitally.