“My Body  My Biography” may no longer be in use by Equinox, but the images from my ghetto style of gorilla photography documented it for them while it was there for their use.  That style of photography is a down and dirty, simple and fast kind of photography done out in the public.  Figure it out, get in and get out fast… with the goods.

Shortly after Equinox started using the “My Body  My Biography” slogan in their brand identity that I received a call from corporate where the voice on the other end asked me to document their new exterior treatments to the Equinox Clubs in Manhattan.  A special emphasis had to be placed upon their flagship facility on Greenwich Street for the simple matter that in very short order after the building was wrapped with the identity, it was going to be taken down.

This was a type of job often turns into “hoping for maybe one or two good images with good light on them and the rest becoming documents of the project.”  I was looking for more from it.

Often photography of this kind, with this purpose, is done very quickly with something akin to the camera in an iPhone, by someone from corporate, just to verify that the project had been done completely by the vendors contracted. Both the client and I realized that this deserved something better as it may have additional uses in collateral.  At the same time the client’s budget was limited.

Considering fifteen plus locations around Manhattan that needed to be photographed in a day, or at most two, much had to be considered.  Which buildings at what time of day for the best light?  What about permits?   Yes, Manhattan has a requirement for tripod permits… They want to know where and when.

I plotted the locations out on an on line map and  took a good look a look at those locations via Google Earth. Then I worked out a plan.  I hired an assistant with good street cred in Manhattan to drive me from point to point, watch out for the Po-Po as there were no permits used not knowing exactly where and when we’d be in a given area. My assistant would often stay with the car, but would also keep and eye on me.  We’d approach a location, do a quick drive by scout, immediately return so that I could get out, set up quickly and shoot what I had to and then move on.

It helped that this was done during a couple of very crisp clear and bitterly cold days in January..  In the end there was a happy client, a happy photographer and a check that was in the bank!