Water Filtration Plant Exterior

A client’s representative contacted me, asking if I would duplicate a photograph of a their recently renovated facility which they were especially happy with.   Looking at the existing image I realized it was made by another photographer about 20 years ago.

As a photographer who tries to provide problem solving solutions to his client’s needs, I immediately was aware of a few things:  One being duplication of another’s photograph would be a violation of a copyright which I have no interest in doing.  Two being the existing photograph was more than 20 years old, so things at the site could have changed considerably physically.

Scouting the site I found there was now a large guard house,  a chain link security fence,  a parking lot and twenty years of growth to the trees and landscaping at the site in the way of making a similar image.  I realized that I had to identify what she loved so much about the existing image.  Think blue sky, white clouds, beautiful light on their newly renovated building and you have it.

The angle could be duplicated but not the perspective.  The 20 years of growth now caused very heavy ominous shadows in the foreground relative to what would be a very beautiful lit facility. By working with contrast masking I was able to open up those shadows for a natural look.  Returning to the site to photograph over a couple of beautiful days, I was able to provide several beautifully lit angles of the facility that had in spirit the feeling of the image that my client loved so much.

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