About Copyright

It’s a simple statement. Intellectual property is the copyright of the creator.

It’s a simple concept. Even though this is the internet, the material on it is not necessarily free.

What’s even simpler is the fact that there are a lot of out of work copyright lawyers out there.

So even though this is the internet, and as we all know the internet is free; the content contained in this web-blog is free to look at, but it is not free to take and use necessarily. As such I ask you not to steal. If you would like to use some of it, please contact me first and ask.

Regarding all of those out of work copyright attorneys out there. All photographic imagery contained on this web site-blog are intellectual property. They have been registered.

Interesting, and informative information on copyright can be found here:

US Copyright Office.

Copyright Alliance.

American Society of Media Photographers (copyright area).